Vertical Art Gardens For Sale

©inaflashphotos_com-photobooth-rentalturntable-05Survey time.
You know the old adage.
Sell it before you build or buy it.
That was something we learned a long time ago in business.
And so we are applying it to artistic garden planters as well.


I thought it would be a fun project to create some
artistic vertical gardens that illuminated the surrounding areas
via enchanting shadows and brilliantly flickering lights.
Powered via photovoltaics.
Water and vitamin flow and lights controlled via arduino and smartphone app.

We are making them for ourselves anyway so the questions are:

1.) Would you buy one if there were a small amount of them made available?

2.) How much would you be willing to pay for such a thing?

3.) Would you want it to be mobile?


This is an informal test. Why go into production if there is no demand right?

Comment below with your thoughts please!

Vertical Solar Powered Hydroponic Vegetable and Fruit Art Gardens For Sale

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