NEW ‘STFU’ App Finally Available

There's a Facebook status going round that for $4.99 you can invoke Facebook privacy protection.
I'm excited to share with you all that after extensive research I've discovered an algorithm that is ABSOLUTELY guaranteed to secure your privacy.
This algorithm is easy to use and works with ALL applications and is platform agnostic.
The Silent Treatment Facebook Updater (STFU) that I've developed requires no installation and uses no memory. STFU is easy to use and can be applied at any time, so that when you want to share something with the world, you simply type it as your status and post it.
When you want something kept private and secret, simply invoke the STFU algorithm and rest assured in the privacy of your information.

There were a few bugs in the app although there's some simple
work-arounds. Theyre are that people who are pretty effin naive and/or those experiencing noteworthy emotional problems and most teenagers all tend to have trouble knowing when to use STFU.

The simple workaround I've developed is called the Discrete Update Handler (DUH). This comes as an add-on to STFU which you can purchase separately, or as a package.
(Simply select STFU-DUH at the FreshGreenSmoothie check out.)

I'm offering STFU to you for just $1.99! That's right! Less than half what Facebook wants to charge! And the package for STFU-DUH, a complete privacy package for those that like to ride the emotional halfpipe and/or those who drink, eat and shit Facebook, is just $2.88!

Well, I'm seriously awesome.

Speaking of which, all proceeds from the sales of STFU, DUH, and STFU-DUH are going toward further development of similarly revolutionary applications which I am excited to share with you.

If you love STFU and DUH, you'll love the app I'm developing that keeps your embarrassing pictures private.

Stay tuned folks and we'll
keep on blendin and we'll keep bloggin!

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