Is the neurotoxic aspartame sneaking into dairy? Even if you’re not entirely vegan, one of the smartest things you can do is swap the skim milk in your smoothie with a plant-based nut or seed milk. Not only can this radically cut the calories one would consume but this also stops the consumption of some serious poisons from entering your system. The neurotoxins that are aspartame are one of the worst possible items a human could consume.
But wait!
There’s actually some great news!
As an added benefit, getting rid of the dairy easily prevents belly bloating.
“I want a big bloated belly!” said nobody. Ever.
So be on the smart side of the fence and skip the dairy all together.
It does nothing but cause disease and horrific suffering.
(and make those sneaky dairy companies even richer)
Let us know what you think of the video in the comments below the video please! We read all of the comments. The Ads and comments support saving abused animals. The sneaking deadly aspartame into dairy is something in which you can easily stop participating. Simple. Never buy or consume it anywhere.
Much Love
Holly and G!


How did they start adding deadly aspartame to the dairy?


  •    The vast majority of chronic disease and premature deaths can be prevented through relatively easy shifts in lifestyle and diet. A healthy diet is defined as one based on whole, real,  living foods. As processed foods are a significant part of the problem. 
  • There are many simple cost-effective ways to make any meal healthier, from adding dark green leafy vegetables, to adding your tea leaves to a smoothie rather than tossing them after making a cup of tea
  • About 70 percent of emerging or reemerging infectious diseases originate in the animal kingdom. Selecting pigs and chickens for mass production may be a major mistake, as these are influenza-bearing animals

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