money saving smoothie tricks

I’ll admit it.


2015-11-14 19.20.05

I go a LITTLE nuts when it comes to making some
smoothie recipes.
Especially when friends are over.
IDK I guess Im trying to get everyone onboard.
I really do think almost everyone would benefit greatly
from drinking at least one fresh green smoothie a day.
Most of us just don’t consume nearly enough fresh leafy
greens or fresh fruits in a day.

So I had friends over the other day
and I’m of course making smoothies for everyone.
This one though… ugh…
I added WAY too many different
ingredients to it.

Not really sure what it tasted like.
It wasnt pretty scene though.
I was trying to show off and kinda didn’t.
Lesson learned though.
Have a theme and keep it simple.

Anyhoo… here’s the TRICK I promised:

Money saving tips and tricks:

I found a great deal the other day. HALF-OFF of
organic bananas that were starting to turn a
little brown. Inside theyre actually PERFECT!
And we know that eating bananas that have a
few sun spots on them are actually better
for us than eating them slightly green.
More phytonutrients, better assimilation
of vitamins and they taste better too
and it saves money.
That doesnt suck in my book.
So dont be afraid of getting them a
little off-color. I do and they rock!.

Much Love


2015-11-14 19.20.35

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