Professor of neurology Harvard Medical School Rudy Tanzi

How not to get the rightfully dreaded alzheimer’s disease

CNN Ted Talks Professor Tanzi at Harvard Medical School about on Alzheimer’s prevention

Step 1.) Keep moving. Your lymph system needs to move to stay clean. There is no pump, unlike the blood system that has the heart, the only thing that stimulates the lymph system is heavy breathing. Basically movement. Do something active several times a week if not every day. And not just for 20 min. Go for at least 45 min to several hours of walking, biking, swimming, kitesurfing, windsurfing, riding, cross fit training, tai chi, yoga, snowboarding, wake boarding, skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, hiking, surfing, paddle boarding, kayaking, rowing or any other movement-related activity.

Step 2.) Eliminate the consumption of animal products.
Making the shift to a plant-based diet is not only vitally important to the planet but it is crucial in the prevention of alzheimer’s disease.
Only animals who consume other animals develop plaques and tangles, the precursor to alzheimer’s pathology.

There are an incredibly diverse selection of natural, whole foods from which to choose that do not contain animal products. Ideally speaking our diets would consist of approximately 70% to 85% living, whole foods. That means leafy greens, live veggies and live fruits. The other 15% to 30% would be things like seeds, legumes, raw sprouted nuts, sprouted grains, algae & wheatgrass and other green juices.

70% leafy greens
70% leafy greens

Here’s a dairy free, gluten free pizza straight out of the backyard solar oven!

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This thing was incredible and highly recommended for anyone who is trying to get off the

deadly dairy addiction merry-go-round.

Surprisingly enough the actual product was much more appealing than

it was on the outside of the box!


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Daiya blows our minds yet again!
Daiya blows our minds yet again with cruelty-free cheesecakes !


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