Fat loss smoothie

Fat loss smoothie to lose those somewhat annoying extra pounds.

Thermogenic ingredients actually support our bodies in increasing
our metabolism and losing weight naturally.
Lots of mineral and tons of fiber.

A whole orange
A bunch of spinach
Handful of grapes
and a slice of nutritionally dense honeydew melon
chia seeds

Just plunk all the ingredients in the blender
blend until smooth as desired

Why is this one great for fat loss?

1.) It’s nutritionally dense
so we crave less bullshit during the day because our bodies
are getting exactly what they REALLY need.
2.) Pau d’Arco Bark Powder naturally helps the body cleanse, detox and work more efficiently.
3.) Cayenne pepper speeds up the metabolism
4.) Coconut oil decreases the insulin response (lowers the glycemic index)

Get it girls!

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fresh green smoothies
fresh green smoothies

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