consuming adequate amounts of FRESH fruits and vegetables




Are you consuming adequate amounts of FRESH fruits and vegetables daily? I know if I don’t have a smoothie I’m nowhere close to anyone’s recommended amounts.

A recent survey that included the UK, USA, Norway, France, Italy, Ukraine and Holland showed some pretty shocking information. . More than 20million adults eat less than 2 fruits or veggies per day.

This is well below the guidelines of any of the advisory committees in any of the countries.

What’s even more startling is that the study discovered that more than 5 million adults have NO veggies or fruits during the day. Generation Y is 4 times as likely as generation X and 5 times generation Y to eat -0- vegetables. This is insane. This is suicide.

Shocked by these findings, Vitamix is encouraging the green smoothie movement in North America, Europe and Australia

We’re sharing our favourite green smoothie recipes and healthy living tips in a fabulous free eBook available to anybody who signs up for the challenge.

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You can participate in this challenge at any time. It is a great reminder for anybody. Here is one of my super easy go-to green smoothie recipes that includes the RDA of fresh fruits and vegetables. I dig mango and pineapple flavor and love to boost the nutritional density of this smoothie with some hemp seeds, chia and flaxseeds

So, take up the challenge, and see if you and your family can include 7 servings of fruits and vegetables for breakfast for 7 days!

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