We’re Holly & Greg — two friends on a mission to spread

our love of fresh green smoothies and ridiculously delicious

healthy snacks across the land.

We provide inspiring smoothie recipes, tips, tricks & tools that support a delicious
plant-based, nutritionally-dense diet to get you inspired to eat better to look and feel amazing!

So come join our smoothie tribe! Together we can transform your health and vitality. Fast.

What we Believe:
• Your body is the cornerstone for living an amazing life.
• Eating at least 70% high-water content foods (fruits and veggies) will make it happen.
• Were able to teach you how to do it!
• We’re improving the quality of life for humans and animals.

Holly and Greg are two life-changing earthlings and the founders of Fresh Green Smoothies. Fresh Green Smoothies is on a mission to support busy families in rethinking certain lifestyle choices by creating new health-promoting habits that are super easy to maintain.

Holly and Greg make healthy eating a lifestyle choice – not a diet or some other temporary way of being.

No more calorie counting, starving, unrealistic nutritional history, weird fad diets complicated nutrition facts, completely unlikely clinical studies.
It’s all about eating better (not less) to live a more fulfilling, healthier, sexier and happier life.

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The authors are bff’s Holly and Greg situated in sunny Las Vegas, NV.



You may notice most of our recipes are special-diet friendly, specifically vegan. This happened for three reasons:

1. Holly is truly gluten intolerant and usually enjoys eating cruelty-free (read: vegan) meals whenever it’s possible.

2. Greg has been vegetarian for 20+ years and 97% vegan for more than 7 of those years.

3. “It’s healthy to eat less fresh fruits, vegetables and leafy greens!” said nobody. Ever.

Because of her gluten and dairy sensitivity, Holly has been experimenting with dairy-free, gluten-free and egg-free recipes for years.

She found it such an accomplishment to create recipes that taste just as good as the original while remaining entirely plant-based that it became her passion.

And because many of our readers and friends are gluten sensitive, we also adapt many recipes to be gluten free as well.


While this has never been a strictly vegan, raw, gluten-free blog, most new recipes fall into these three categories. This is simply because we enjoy eating and preparing food this way and love making food everyone can enjoy.

We don’t strictly subscribe to any one diet 100% of the time but we try to stay vegan (cruelty-free) whenever possible and incorporate fun, raw, organic recipes has become the focus for this blog with our top priority always being on healthier versions of delicious food.

In short, we love proving that diet-friendly recipes don’t have to be difficult and can still be insanely delicious.


Holly is the recipe developer and food profesional food eater behind RawOrganicVegan.com

She has been blogging in some form since 2007 and developed a deep love for raw recipe experimentation.  She is the mother of two fabulous and talented kids. A yoga and hiking enthusiast, fresh green smoothie addict and has a weakness for midnight netflix and french wine with friends.


Gregory handles all-things technical, product dev and design. He writes blogging tips and creates tutorials on our Blogger Resources page. He’s also an airline miles-earning badass, lover of the off-grid lifestyle eg; solar power, full-time RVer, burner (burning man since 2005) fine wine connoisseur and traveler extraordinaire.






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