2 minute breakfast smoothies

2 minute breakfast smoothies

How to make 2 scrumptiously delicious and highly-nutritious
breakfast smoothies in well less than 2 minutes a piece!

These are a couple ultimate go-to smoothies
the morning and they are PACKED with antioxidants
protein, vitamins, and deliciousness!

If you want to get at Kym Nonstop then hit her amazing ass up
for even more than 2 minute breakfast smoothies here:
Snapchat: kymnonstop
Instagram: @Kymnonstop

Original music on the embedded video is by NoWayJosie.com
KymNonStop is a bike-messenger-turned-fitness guru.
She's going to hook you up with some new info on how to have it all...
all the happiness and the fun
and at the same time being healthy
Hang on to your war bonnets this chica is going to knock
it out of the park.

You’ve seen her on MTV’s Made, The Today Show, Access Hollywood, The Summer Action Film, “Premium Rush”, and on The Amazing Race, Season 25!

Outside YouTube, I teaches people how to get their cycling groove
on at the celebrity-filled
indoor cycling studio, SoulCycle.
Be sure to check her out on kymnonstop.com for some extra cool
work-outs n other goodies.

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